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Contribute To PlayStation 4 Magazine.com

PlayStation 4 magazine.com is growing and we are looking for PS4 fans that are capable of producing well written news pieces, objective reviews, features and videos.

What we’re Looking for:

1) If you have the passion, knowledge and commitment to write about the PlayStation 4 platform and games, we’d love to hear from you!  For permanent/ long term positions please send us 3 samples of your work. In addition you may want to send a covering letter job to playstation4magazine[at]tech365media.com.

2) If you are adept at creating high quality PS4 videos such as tips and tricks videos, reviews or  play-throughs, then please get in touch with us too.

3) If you are interested in sending us a one-off submission, please submit pitches, videos, or completed articles for consideration to playstation4magazine@tech365media.com

Contribute to PS4 Mag

 – Submissions for one of our blog sections range between 400 and 800 words. Feature articles generally start at around 1000 words.

You will need to be familiar with using WordPress, be self motivated and respect time deadlines.

In return you’ll get access to a bigger, targeted and engaged audience which will enhance your standing as an authoritative voice in the industry. A single link to your own site is permissible in the article body, while another can be placed in your bio along with your social media accounts.