Video Games developer Team Ninja has revealed that the new DLC for Nioh will be available on May 2. Entitled “Dragon of the North”, the upcoming DLC comes with new challenges and plenty more adventure for Nioh fans. The new DLC continues the story after Williams’ success in the previous chapter. It will feature a formidable new central character in Masamune Date, also known as the “One-Eyed Dragon”.

Dragon of the North Nioh DLC

William’s new enemy in the Dragon of the North Nioh DLC is loosely based on Lord Masamune Date. Date is remembered by Japanese history as being the ruthless and brutally gifted ruler of the Sendai feudal domain from around half a century ago. Unfortunately Masamune Date was also impulsive and arrogant with his only saving grace being his loyalty to his people.

Check out the picture below to see the new character in his full glory:

Dragon of the North Nioh DLC

And thus begins the story of the upcoming DLC, -according to details shared by Team Ninja on the EU PlayStation Blog. So just as William was beginning to relax after having brought peace to Japan, rumors of the One-Eyed Dragon secretly recruiting an army begin to do the rounds. Players have to help the defender of peace defeat the hordes of spirits unleashing terror and mayhem once again.

For those looking forward to May 2 when the Dragon of the North Nioh DLC is released Team Ninja has promised lots of exciting new changes. Players will no doubt have sufficient ammunition to deal with the scary Yokai and determined enemies. The developer has also promised new armor, ninja skills, magic, and Guardian Spirits.

Players will also get access to a new weapon called ‘Odachi’. Fans of the game will feel they well prepared for the challenge when Dragon of the North is released.

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