Imagine you are sitting in an old rusty car that is balancing on the edge of a cliff. Scary? morbid, or the beginnings of an exciting adventure? You decide because that is the premise of Far from Noise, a new PS4 game launching on the platform tomorrow. The game form its storyline through your dialogue choices. And so as the sun sets you’ll find yourself reconnecting with nature and life. Take a sneak peek at the Far from Noise PS4 launch trailer below to find out more: 

Far from Noise PS4 Launch Trailer

In Far from Noise your interactions will be key. Through your conversations with a companion who happens to come along the reasons behind your predicament start to become apparent. Consequently, you’ll soon find yourself pondering the meaning of life, death and what the future holds. The game has already won numerous awards for its innovative narrative gameplay.

Created by indie developer George Batchelor, this may just be one of the new PS4 games worth trying out this month.

Featuring an original music score written by Geoff Lentin, Far from Noise echoes with a rich soundscape as well. The narrative title will let you choose the direction of the dialogue. Different creatures will also join you in conversation meaning your story can have several endings. As a result, the storyline can change every time you play in what is ultimately a game about life.

Far from Noise launches on PlayStation 4 on November 14 2017.

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