The popular fruit slashing mobile game fruit ninja is now out on PlayStation VR. Fruit Ninja VR is the virtual reality edition of the game first released on mobile in 2010 and is now set to have gamers virtually dicing and cutting fresh produce on PS VR. Since its release the game has been downloaded over a billion times and its makers have now set their sights on Sony VR gaming rig.

Fruit Ninja VR Dices its way to PS VR

One of the great things Developer Halfbrick Studios pointed out in a post announcing the Fruit Ninja VR is that they had the luxury of recreating Fruit Ninja for PS VR without any time constraints. This enabled the team to remake the popular fruit-slashing arcade title as they envisioned. All without the pressure of meeting deadlines or fan expectations.

Fruit Ninja VR PS VR game

As we have come to know, gaming in virtual reality has made it possible to immerse players into games more than ever before. Fruit Ninja excelled as a fresh producing cutting and dicing title at a time when touch screens were still a new technology. And the game captured the public’s imagination to fuel its huge success.

As of December 20 fans of the original Fruit Ninja will now be able to do the same on PlayStation VR. Except this time you will literally be waving and slicing your arms through the air as you wield two Katana blades against tonnes of fresh fruit.

Four Game Modes and Brand new Twists

Fruit Ninja VR PlayStation VR gameFruit Ninja VR will feature four game modes; Classic, Zen, Arcade and Survival. Therefore players can hack, cut and slice fruit in their living rooms without having to clean up afterwards! Consequently, the new VR version of Fruit Ninja comes with some new twists and content as well. For one, players will now be able to juggle the titles deadly spiralling bombs without exploding them to deflect them.

Another is the addition of a fleet of helicopters that will keep you honest by firing fruit and bombs at you. Fruit Ninja VR is now available on PlayStation VR. Check out the Fruit Ninja VR PlayStation VR reveal trailer below to find out more:

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