Double Fine’s multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts now has a confirmed PS4 release date. The hilarious co-op title features slapstick action in soccer matches and arena’s that will see players battle it out against friends or waves of enemies. Gang Beasts is slated for release on PlayStation 4 on the 12th of December 2017. In addition to announcing the release date, Double Fine has also released a new gameplay trailer to give players a glimpse of what to expect come December 12.

Gang Beasts PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Get ready for lots of hilarious slapstick fighting action as Gang Beasts makes its way to PlayStation 4! Check out the Gang Beasts PS4 gameplay trailer below for more:

Gang Beasts: Out On PS4 December 12

Gang Beasts will arrive on PS4 with a whole host of customisation options, including several new modes. That includes a cooperative mode in which up to four players can take on waves of thugs in battle. In addition, players will also be able to take part in brutal 2 vs. 2 soccer matches.

The upcoming title has won plaudits for its quirky and seemingly harmless, brutal fighting gameplay. Consequently, as a co-op game, Gang Beasts is set to provide lots of hilarity and fun for families everywhere this holiday season. So Gang Beasts releasing on PlayStation 4 is just in time for Christmas on December 12.

Check out the Gang Beasts PS4 gameplay trailer at the top of the page for more

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