The Reviews are In. PlayStation 4 exclusive role playing video game Horizon Zero Dawn is out on March 1 and various gaming sites have been publishing their reviews in recent days. Most notable is the praise that the game’s visuals are getting. Find out what reviewers had to say about the open world title in our Horizon Zero Dawn review roundup below:

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Roundup


“A beautiful open world peppered with mechanical monsters that make for exhilarating fights.” 9.3/10.

Over at IGN, Lucy O’brien marvels at what Guerilla Games has created, choice quotes include “Horizon’s premise is a big mystery that begs to be solved,” and “. . .I found it hard to tear myself away from Horizon even after I’d finished its main campaign some 40 odd hours later.” You can check out the full review here.

The Guardian:

“A stunning but barely evolved RPG contradiction”

The Guardians’ Dan Silver feels that Horizon Zero Dawn has its faults but is ” . . .still an immensely playable – and likeable – romp with a core combat mechanic worth the price of purchase alone. Find out what he has to say over here.

Horizon Zero Dawn - ps4 gameGamespot:

“The call of the wild.”

At Gamespot Peter Brown played Horizon Zero Dawn for 55 hours to give his this in-depth review.


“Worthy of all that buzz”

Polygons Philip Kollar feels that with with Horizon, Guerilla Games has finally found its own voice. You can read the full review by following this link.


To play Horizon: Zero Dawn is to feel awe.

Find out why Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez is in awe of Guerilla Games action role-playing video game in her review here.


“A technical masterpiece on PS4 and Pro”

Richard Leadbitter thinks that Horizon is the best 4K Pro release yet, and that the game also looks phenomenal on base hardware. You can check out his Horizon Zero Dawn review for EUROGAMER here.

More review snippets will be posted here as they become available, -so keep checking back for more updates. If you think there’s a Horizon Zero Dawn Review not mentioned here, but should be, drop us a line in the comments section below.