The eagerly anticipated action role-playing video game Middle-Earth: Shadow of War arrives on PS4 today. Shadow of War is the sequel to the highly successful Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and has huge expectations to meet. Thankfully from what we’ve seen so far, developers Monolith Productions are on the right track. Case in point; the just released Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launch trailer. Check it out below:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Now Out on PS4

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War players will need to face the danger of going beyond enemy lines in a bid to rouse all of Modor against the Dark Lord Sauron. The new title features the critically acclaimed Nemesis System which enables personal stories between you and individual enemies or followers. With the dark Lord summoning the full power of his Ringwraiths, you will have to be at your best to meet the challenges ahead.

Players on PS4 can buy the game from the PlayStation Store, or from retailers such as Amazon. For now check out the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launch trailer above to see the epic world created by Monolith.