FuturLab, the video game studio behind PS VR title Tiny Trax, has announced that it has begun working on a new game for the virtual reality system. Mini-Mech Mayhem is a Robot Battler game for PS VR that is slated for release in 2018. The studio’s upcoming  game will be released as a PlayStation VR exclusive.

FuturLab Announces Mini-Mech Mayhem for PS VR

Developer FuturLab describes Mini-Mech Mayhem as a ‘fun, crazy, but really amazing’ VR Robot Battler game. The new title joins a growing list of upcoming PS VR games due for release in 2018. Players will take on the role of the main Robo-protagonists and you’ll have to lead and guide your smaller robotic partner.

That, of course is  your Mini-Mech sidekick, an impulsive and passionate robot friend.

To his advantage, your little friend will also boast impressive power. That should mean he’ll be more than able to hold his own when the heat is on.

Ultimately, your Mini-Mech’s enthusiasm can sometimes lead him astray, but with your guidance victory can be yours. As with any other game, you and your sidekick will have to learn from your mistakes in order to win your battles.

Other than these basic details, FuturLab are yet to disclose any more information about Mini-Mech Mayhem. In fact, the developer is in the process of hiring staff to work on the game, so its still early days.

Now Hiring

With a game to build and tentative release dates set, FuturLab took to the PlayStation Blog to announce the game and let the community know that they’re hiring. The company is looking for candidates to fill various roles associated with the development of Mini-Mech Mayhem. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be check out their site for more details.

What are your first impressions of Mini-Mech Mayhem? Looking forward to trying the game on PS VR? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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