Good news if you’re in the US or Canada and hadn’t yet picked up a PlayStation VR rig; Sony’s just announced a new standard PS VR bundle. The new PS VR bundle will also become the standard PlayStation VR bundled package from now on, the company announced.

Included in the bundle is a PlayStation VR headset and a PlayStation camera at a RRP of $399 USD / $499 CAD. A lower-priced PS VR Worlds bundle will also be available together at the same time as the new bundle on September 1.

New PS VR Bundle

PS VR Bundle
The new core PS VR bundle

In addition to the core PS VR bundle Sony has also lowered the price of existing PS VR bundles. That includes the PS VR Worlds bundle, reduced to $449 USD / $579 CAD. If you’re looking to get started in VR gaming then the new PS VR bundle could be a great way to do so.

In addition the PS VR Worlds set is another great option as it includes a copy of PS VR worlds. The disc contains a collection of mini games you can play PS4 camera games with. In terms of PS VR games there are now over 100 titles available on the virtual reality platform. Furthermore, additional games are also lined up for release on PS VR and should provide further incentive.

PlayStation VR Worlds PS VR Bundle

Existing PS VR games include AAA titles such as Farpoint, Resident Evil: Biohazard, and Batman: Arkham VR. There are also several PlayStation VR experiences available in addition to dozens of games. The list of upcoming PS VR games includes games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, a hotly anticipated title.

Lastly, the PS4 consoles’ next system software update will include a number of enhancements for PS VR. The new PS VR bundles will be greeted with relief from both current and future gamers on the platform. The announcement shows that Sony is committed to the long term future of the platform. This is in light of it sometimes regarded as the PS4’s poor relation.

Announcing further hardware is a positive step in affirming its support for the innovative gaming platform. And gamers can only benefit from such an outlook on what is currently one of the fastest growing trends in the industry.

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