As you may know, the PlayStation VR system just turned a year old. We recently created a PS VR Games release dates list to mark the anniversary. In addition to this we wanted to give those of you on PS VR more resources for your reference. With that in mind, one of the most popular pages on this site is our list of PS4 demos and free to play PlayStation 4 games. Consequently, we decided to list all available PSVR Demo games and experiences currently available.

All the PSVR demo content listed below is completely free of charge. While some are simply ps vr demos, some are complete games and experiences in their own right. The variety of the demo content below means that there’s something for everyone too.  Without further ado, here are all the available PSVR demo experiences you can try right now for free:

PSVR Demo Games and Experiences

The Last Guardian VR Demo – Out 12/12 2017

The Last Guardian VR Demo

The Last Guardian VR Demo will be an entirely stand-alone and brief experience only. In addition, as it is a demo, the new The Last Guardian VR experience will be available for free on the PlayStation Store. What’s more, you don’t need to own a copy of  The Last Guardian on PS4 in order to play the VR Demo.

The Last Guardian VR Demo works with your Dualshock 4 controller and you will need a PS VR headset as well as a PlayStation camera in order to play The Last Guardian VR Demo.

Ancient Amuletor [PSVR demo]

The Ancient Amuletor demo for PS VR is a quick immersion into the steampunk fantasy mash-up title. Join Harry the Mage and Lila, an archer as they wage war in defense of their mystical environment.

Try the free demo here.

Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial [PSVR demo]

Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial is the drama-filled demo for PlayStation VR. The game is a spin-off from the cult classic interactive novel Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. In the demo you and your fellow classmates are to stand trial for murder. On top of that, the headmaster is already prepared to make an example of you. With nothing being as it seems, you’ll need your wits about you to succeed.

Players will make the most of truth bullets to shoot down any fabrications and evidence in order to discover the killer.

Kitchen [demo]

Kitchen PSVR DemoFans of horror games are in for a treat with the macabre Virtual Reality game Kitchen. A sort of prequel to Resident Evil 7, Kitchen will immerse you in a world where you have to face your darkest fears.

There’s blood and gore galore so this one may not be to everyone’s taste.The 1 player title is a great showcase of PlayStation VR’s capabilities.

Not for the fainthearted, download the Kitchen PSVR demo here.

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Tethered [PSVR Demo]

Tethered PlayStation VR
A free to play Tethered Demo is now available on PS VR.

Coming from acclaimed British indie game development studio Secret Sorcery is Tethered, a simple yet completely unique and immersive experience. Tethered utilises PSVR’s tethering capabilities of its control scheme resulting in complete immersion in its world. A simply brilliant game that has earned rave reviews from gamers and critics alike.

Now you too can take on the role of a powerful Spirit Guardian in the Tethered PSVR demo. You’ll have to lift the peeps up from their despair as you try to create the perfect balance on your lands.

Download the Tethered PSVR Demo on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation VR Demo

EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation VR Launch Trailer
EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation VR Demo

The PlayStation VR Demo is one of the best, and easiest way to get started with your PSVR headset. The demo features a number of tasters from some of the most popular games on PlayStation VR. Titles featured in the PSVR demo include Eve: Valkryie, Rez Infinite, Thumper, and Battlezone.

PSVR Demo Experiences

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault [VR Experience]

Activision’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience is free to play to anyone with a PlayStation VR headset. You don’t need to have bought Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to play this exciting mini-game. A short but intense mission, Jackal Assault sees players enter combat as the pilot of a Jackal fighter plane.

Download it here.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience

Become the famous web slinging superhero Spider-Man thanks to the Spider-Man: Homecoming virtual reality experience. A number of trials will teach you to get to grips with your new abilities like shooting your web. But after that you’ll have to be ready to face the notorious villain Vulture. You’ll need your PSVR headset and PlayStation Camera in order to play this one.

Check out Spider-Mans homecoming experience on the PlayStation Store.

VirZOOM Arcade

VirZOOM Arcade is a collection of mini-games designed to get you active in the comfort of your living room. From chasing bandits to riding mystical unicorns in the sky, VirZOOM arcade is sure to get your blood pumping.

The Playroom VR

The Playroom VR is a party themed title that features a host of demos and games. These mini games are a great way to ease your way into your PSVR. The Playroom is so versatile it also make it onto our PS4 camera games list. The Playroom is free of charge and is a great title for PSVR and the the PS4 camera.

Some of the mini games included in The Playroom VR include the following:

  • Toy Maker:  A game that looks to unleash your creativity through drawing.
  • AR Hockey: An amazing game of Holographic Air Hockey!
  • My Alien Buddy: An intergalactic adventure with your slimy Alien friend
  • Ninja Bots: A Ninja training mode against virtual bots
  • Meet ASOBI: The Playroom’s mascot is a robot called ASOBI.
  • AR Bots: More Bots, this time they live within your DUALSHOCK controller. Swipe, kick and wave to interact with them.
  • AR Studio

Check it out here.


Invasion! sees two oblivious rabbits stop an alien invasion in this short animation from the director of the animated film Madagascar. The twist in the story makes this mini film worth watching over and over gain.

Download it on the PS Store.

More Free PSVR Demo Content

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live: Immerse yourself in a virtual stadium from the comfort of your fron room as you enjoy a full concert experience from Miku.

The Chainsmokers Paris.VR: Watch and learn as the Chainsmokers, award-winning American DJ duo mix their popular track ‘Paris’.

 Allumette: A heartbreaking tale of the sacrifices that a daughter and her mother have to make for each other. Makes the most of the PSVR’s capabilities to immerse you in this gripping, visual spectacle.

What do you make of the PSVR demo games and experiences listed above? Let us know if you’ve tried any of them or if there’s a title you feel we have missed out. Please share this post with your followers if you have found this list useful:)

More PSVR demo content will be added to this page as it becomes available.


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