Big Box VR, the creator of popular VR game Smashbox Arena has announced that the multiplayer shooter is coming to PS VR this summer. The game has already built up a reputation as one of the top VR multiplayer games around. Smashbox Arena has a huge and tight knit competitive community that has already clocked over 40, 000 hours of gameplay. Now the colourful team-based action game is coming to PlayStation VR, with the company stating Summer 2017 as the release date.

Smashbox Arena Comes to PS VR

Smashbox Arena PS VR
Smashbox Arena is coming to PS VR

If there’s any consolation for gamers on PS VR for having to wait so long for a game that lots of people were talking about, its that the team-based action game will arrive refined and Polished.

Big Box has spent the time following Smashbox Arena’s release making the most of feedback from the titles growing community. Now Smashbox will soon be available to PS VR players too.

The multiplayer action game is popular for its physics driven power ups and challenging gameplay. Both features have seen SA rise to the top of multiplayer games rankings.

Players in the upcoming PS VR game can test their skills against the best in online multiplayer or go it alone in single-player story mode. You’ll need to keep your wits about you as you shoot and duck your way through.

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One of Smashbox Arena’s highlights is its massive maps and the unlimited options they offer. The gameplay includes dodging shots from other players and trying to shoot them instead. Thankfully, players get the ability to knock out other players with energy balls. Online, Smashbox Arena players on PlayStation VR will find action and adventure as they explore the games’ large maps.

Big Box VR claims to have put in a lot of work into Smashbox Arena, and the results look promising. The company is now looking to grow its popular virtual reality games’ community by releasing it on PS VR. No exact dates are available yet, but we should get firm dates closer to summer. Stay tuned!