PlayStation gamers who have invested in a PlayStation VR system would have been forgiven for thinking that Sony had given up on the platform up until only a couple of months ago. The anxiety was a result of very few developments happening with regards to the company’s virtual reality gaming rig. But that assumption has now been well and truly blown out of the water. In recent months Sony has made several PS VR-related announcements that show that it is still fully behind its VR system. For now the future of the PS4’s virtual reality gaming accessory seems secure.

PlayStation VR Bundles Abound

Although there has been a steady trickle of games announced for PS VR, initial evidence had suggested a lack of interest from developers. Sony also seemed to have forgotten about the system following its launch in October of 2016. In it’s defense however, platform did launch with dozens of dedicated PS VR and enhanced PS4 games at launch.

However, as 2017 comes to a close, that trickle has now transformed into a flood. A string of new PS VR hardware and software announcements have been made in recent months. The hardware has been mainly in the form of new PS VR bundles. Crucially, though most of these are tied in with upcoming PlayStation VR games.

Some of the latest PS VR bundles to be announced in recent days include a Gran Turismo Sport themed bundle and an upgraded standard PS VR bundle. Released September 1, the new regular bundle is now officially the standard PlayStation VR bundled package.

The latest addition to this growing list of PS VR bundles is the upcoming PlayStation VR DOOM VFR Bundle. That’s set to hit store shelves on December 1, the same day as the fast-paced FPS VR game’s release on PS VR.

Sony Steps Up PS VR Support

Consequently, the recent announcement with regards to new PS VR hardware packages shows commitment on Sony’s part. Now the company needs to bundle the system with the PS4 Pro console to really increase uptake. For all these PS VR bundle releases, many PS4 owners are yet to invest in an accompanying PS VR system. The cost of the PS VR headset and skepticism about virtual reality among gamers has stymied sales thus far.

Still, Sony’s hardware upgrades have not been limited to the headset alone either. A PS VR-compatible wireless headset is also available. Meanwhile, the PS VR Aim Controller has grown to become an integral part of the PS VR ecosystem, particularly in shooters. All these developments show strong support of its product from Sony. As mentioned above, the next logical step would be certainly to include the system in a PS4 Pro bundle.

While the PS VR is the market leader in VR gaming, Sony does face competition from a number of companies. That includes premium headsets such as the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive. Adding to that is the availability of several low-cost VR solutions, although many are currently designed for use with smartphones.

In that respect, its no surprise to see Sony making a push on its own VR platform. The company has a head-start in VR gaming and it seems like its now starting to make the most of it.

You Wait for One PS VR Game . . .

The biggest show of support for the Platform however, has been the slew of new and existing titles announced as coming soon to PS VR. Dozens of stand-alone games, DLC content, and ‘experiences’ are slated for release on the platform in 2017 alone.

The experiences include a variety of content that also shows the potential the platform has, even with non-gaming content. From swimming with sharks to VR Content apps, its all in there, and the library is growing.

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Notable titles set to arrive in 2017 include the aforementioned DOOM VFR and Justice League VR, both of which arrive in early December. In addition, Ark Park, Gunheart, Stardrone VR, Shooty Fruity, and RadianVR are all among a long list of games that will arrive on PS VR before the year is out. Several PlayStation VR ‘Experiences’ are due for release in 2017 as well.

PS VR in 2018

The Top 10 Upcoming PSVR Games of 2018 so far - Mini-Mech Mayhem PS VR

Even as we look to end the year with the release of several titles on PS VR, Sony is clearly also looking to bolster its non gaming offering. In addition, several new games have also been already confirmed as coming to PS VR in 2018. As a result, Sony’s recent announcements regarding PS VR games have made for positive reading. It will certainly be interesting to see if all this activity encourages gamers to purchase the system. Christmas 2017 will surely be interesting!

Looking ahead to next year, the outlook for new PS VR titles is no different. There are already over a dozen PS VR games already confirmed so far. That list includes Drone Fighters, an arcade-style virtual reality drone fighting game in development by Surreal games. Also arriving in 2018 are Golem, Dead Secret, Pixel Ripped 1989, and The American Dream. That should make encouraging reading for the growing number of PS VR owners out there.

Most of all though, Sony will be hoping that all its efforts result in more and more PS4 owners buying a PS VR headset as well! All in all, the above looks like impressive work from Sony. The Japanese company will be hoping that current and future PS VR owners agree.

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