VR games developer Survios has announced that it’s Intergalactic parkour-influenced platformer Sprint Vector will be coming to PS VR and PlayStation 4 next month. The fast-paced high impact multiplayer game is due for release on 13th February, 2018. The upcoming PS VR game is set to be one of the most exciting releases on the Platform this year.

Sprint Vector blasts onto PS VR February 13

Sprint Vector is the creation of American virtually reality game developer Survios. The developer is one of the leading creators and publishers of VR software. Survios’ latest creation is a parkour-heavy platformer based in space, Sprint Vector.

Ultimately, the game promises a competitive and addictive experience as you run, jump, and climb in PS VR.

With intuitive controls and gameplay, up to 8 players can take part in the game’s online races. In addition, you can have your own private races with friends. Sprint Vector will arrive with 12 race tracks and nine solo challenges available to choose from. Players also get the option to take on the game at their own pace.

Of note in Sprint Vector is what Survios is calling ‘ Liquid Locomotion.’ The developer has created intuitive motion mechanics that allow for faster speeds when gaming in VR.

The system uses natural hand movements to immerse players in what is a physically and mentally challenging platformer game.

Sprint Vector looks to be a welcome high-octane addition to the growing list of PS VR games. Not only does the game look exciting to play, it will certainly get PS VR gamers moving much more too.

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