Codemasters’ racing video game Dirt Rally is now out on PlayStation VR and the virtual reality edition boasts a brand new co-driver mode as well. Dirt Rally’s PS VR upgrade features content from the whole PS4 game including tracks, stages, and cars. The new PlayStation VR upgrade will also come optimised for PS4 Pro.

PS VR DLC Comes With Co-Driver Mode, PS4 PRO Support

With the full game now available on PlayStation VR headsets players will now be able to fully immerse themselves in races.  One of the more notable elements is the new co-driver mode, which means that you’ll now be able to have a mate helping you to navigate the course with you as you race.

The new development is the first of its kind in a game such as this and puts the responsibility of staying on the road in the hands of a second player. This will be an equally important task as all the directions will have to be accurate and delivered on time. Coordination and accuracy will therefore be key.

As if to emphasise this, an accuracy rating will be given at the end of each stage.

Lastly, not only is Dirt Rally now available in Virtual Reality, the game has also been optimised for the PS4 Pro console. The graphical improvements are designed to take advantage of the new consoles extra performance power.

A bundle with the 2d game, PS VR upgrade, and a host of DLC upgrades will be discounted until the end of February. Players who already own Dirt Rally can purchase the PS VR DLC separately.