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Playstation 5 | PS5 Release Date, Specs, Price

Sony is currently riding high on the success of the PS4 console and the upgraded PS4 Pro has only served to cement that legacy. Despite this, there are already rumors about a PlayStation 5 console being announced soon. However, many factors will suggest that such an announcement may be still some way off. It would seem that Sony has invested a lot in the PS4 to abandon it all for the PS5.

Will there be a PlayStation 5 Announcement Soon?

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 console concept
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Perhaps one of the main reasons why there is increased interest in a PS5 console is the latest console from Microsoft. The Xbox One X console is due for release on 7 November and will be capable of producing pure 4K graphics. At the same time, the original PlayStation 4 console was released in 2013. That was then followed by the PS4 Slim and the more powerful PS4 Pro.

Additionally, there is also the PlayStation VR system. The virtual reality gaming rig’s fortunes are intertwined with those of the PS4. PS VR relies on the PS4 Pro’s power to deliver virtual reality content for PS4 games and experiences. Lastly, Sony has shifted over 40 million units of its flagship console to date.

All this would suggest that the company may prefer to wait a bit longer before launching a new console. The biggest drawback is that the PS4 Pro console only enhances games to 4K, while the One X has that as standard. However that is not to say that the PS4 console is somehow inferior. A number of titles have been enhanced for the more powerful PS4 console and feature excellent resolutions already.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

That bring us to the question of when the PS5 release date would be. Given that most companies give their hardware between 5 and 8 years, will Sony announce the PS5 Soon. Any announcement could be similar to the way Microsoft handled Project Scorpio/One X. The machine was revealed last year but was only revealed officially at E3 2017. So for instance its entirely feasible for Sony to make an announcement between now and the end of the year for a console that would be available in 2018.

Whichever ends up being the PS5 release date there is no doubt that there will be lots of interest from fans.

PS5 Specs, Price

As no official announcement has been made as of yet on the PlayStation 5 console, no specs or price information is available yet.  Consequently, any specs or price points mention would be purely speculation at the moment. Details will be added here as and when they are made available.