Sony’s PS VR virtual reality headset has been out for a few months now since its release in October 2016. The VR rig has brought virtual reality content such as games and non-gaming content the company calls PS VR experiences to the PS4 console. Now Sony is taking that a step further by rolling out a PS VR update that adds support for virtual reality videos on YouTube.

YouTubes’ Growing VR Catalog comes to PS VR

As a young sector in entertainment, VR does not yet have the library of content that other media has but its catalog is growing. The format has been popularised by games but there is also a lot of non-gaming VR content continually being made available on sites such as YouTube and others.

Youtube 360 videos PS VR

With support for 360° YouTube videos PS4 owners can now expand the content they have access to on PS VR. As one of the world’s major video destinations on the internet YouTubes’ vr content is growing quickly and includes a wide range of content. And now PS VR owners will be able to access a range of different experiences from the comfort of their couch.

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