The first couple of months in 2017 have been pretty busy already with a number of new games arriving on the PS4 or coming shortly. Titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn have rightly hogged the limelight but there’s lots more going on elsewhere. To keep up do date with some of the best upcoming PlayStation 4 games check out our list of 10 New PS4 games announced recently below:

10 New PS4 Games Announced Recently


We’re starting this list of with a visually gorgeous game called Greedfall, a colonial fantasy RPG about settlers, treasure hunters and cold-blooded mercenaries. It is set in a world mixed with magic, adventure, and mysterious creatures. The beautiful graphics derive from 17th century Baroque European art, which is famous for warm colors with dark undertones. There are multiple aspects of the game, from combat and diplomacy to deception and stealth. The player is sent on a grand journey and set upon the task to a remote island filled with riches and dark secrets. The game is scheduled to come out in 2018.

2. Riftstar Rangers

For all those people who have nostalgic childhood memories of old shoot’em up games, this is a real blast from the past. Riftstar Rangers takes this old school genre, throws in combat customization and the prospect of multiplayer, and makes an interesting physics-based game. There is also a single-player mod, but the game is more fun to play with friends, taking the roles of rogue pilots roaming the galaxy, accepting shady jobs and looting people. There isn’t a lot of buzz around this game, but it shows promise, so be sure to watch for it in 2017.

3. Drawn to Death   (4 / 4 / 2017)

Drawn to Death PS4 Exclusive game

The creator of the God of War series brings us another twisted and gory game, that is scheduled to come out on 4th of April. PS4 exclusive Drawn to Death looks unique and new and definitely stands out in today’s era of gaming.  The story and characters are nicely done, but the creator puts an emphasis on the mechanics as the biggest part of the game. The plot revolves around a high-school teenager’s sadistic imagination and drawings that vary from ninja sharks to gunslinging demons, so the developers previous games and experience have a big influence in this fast paced shooter.

4. Portal Knights (28 / 4/ 2017)

The early version of this game has already out for a year on Steam, and it has received a lot of praise. Portal Knights is an action RPG sandbox game, and a lot of people are calling it a Minecraft copycat, but this game has a lot of great features that Minecraft doesn’t. The game is easier and more fun to play co-op, though its and interesting playthrough if you wanna play by yourself. Besides its beautiful graphics, the game offers lots of in-world content and fun combat that would surely please even the biggest Minecraft and Teraria fans.

5. The Surge

This dystopian action RPG hits the market in May and promises to be full of action. It is made by Deck13, the team that is behind Lords of the Fallen. The game itself is set in a futuristic industrial world plagued by harsh events. The combat is gorgeous, and difficult at that, but the players are rewarded for their troubles as there are awesome gadgets like the Exo Suit, which make playing the game even more fun as you slice your way through enemy lines.

6. MXGP3

Video Games developer Milestone recently announced a new racing game, this time in the motocross genre. The game uses proven tricks and gameplay as it has in previous versions, but this time on Unreal Engine 4, which brings new physics, better graphics and more realistic techniques. The game will feature three new elements: dynamic weather condition, dynamic terrain deformations as well as a new and more realistic sound design. The game is being announced for 2017, but there isn’t much so far except a trailer and some screenshots, so we will have to wait for more to see what this new motocross game will bring us.

7. Embers of Mirrim

Embers of Mirrim PS4

New developer Creative Bytes Studios, is set to debut on PS4 this year with its first game, Embers of Mirrim. The game is an adventure-platformer set in a exciting world, with a dramatic landscape. The players play as Mirrim, the title character, a powerful creature that roams the world, and has great powers and an ability to split light and dark entities.

The trailer looks cool too, showing the graphics fresh and the gameplay smooth. Any of you who are fans of platformer games but haven’t played one on dual stick controllers, this is the one for you.

8. Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada (26 / 05 / 2017 )

Samurai Warriors - Spirit of Sanada PS4The spirit of this franchise is revived with its latest entry, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada. The game is coming out sometime in Spring and is sure set to bring back memories to its first entry, which came out way back in 2004.The gameplay is simple, yet effective.

You take control of a general that leads his clan into battle against their enemies during the historic 16th century conflicts that happened in Japan.  The developers have also tried to stay  and follow the historical events, and show real, historical characters who made an impact in history.

9. Snake Pass (29 / 03 / 2017)

In todays gaming scene, where there is almost something for everyone, no many would have expected that there would be a 4K compatible, 1080p, puzzle adventure-platformer about a friendly snake. But it seems that there is a place on the market for a game like that. Enter Snake Pass. The players go on an adventure as Noodle, the hero accompanied by Doodle, his trusted Hummingbird friend, as they embark on a journey to solve the mystery in the ancient land of Haven Tor.  The game is goofy, amusing, and visually pleasing, but don’t set your expectations too high.

10. Mothergunship

last, but not least, we saved this space for Grip Digital’s outrageously fun and action filled game on this list, Mothergunship. This fast-paced first person shooter will test your reflexes and quickness as you blast your way through enemy alien ships, dropping everything that stands in your way.

For a FPS, you wouldn’t expect from this game to have a big crafting mechanic, but it has. Crafting crazy guns from spare parts you find makes this game stand out from other FPS games, as it is an essential part of the game. Going through these impressively challenging sets is about to get even more amusing, as the developers have announced they will be adding co-op mode to this game. Destruction is always better with a friend, isn’t it?