Action role-playing game Dark Souls: Remastered has a confirmed PS4 release date. The eagerly anticipated remaster will make its way to PlayStation 4 on the 25th of May. In addition, developer Bandai Namco also revealed that Dark Souls: Remastered will feature several enhancements for the PS4 Pro console and the games’ multiplayer mode. As a result, fans of the critically acclaimed RPG will now be able to experience the game in stunning 4K resolution.

Dark Souls: Remastered Arrives on PS4 25 May

With the arrival of Dark Souls: Remastered on PS4 and PS4 Pro, a new era of the Souls series will begin. Speaking in a post on the EU PlayStation Blog, Kasumi Yogi from Bandai Namco Entertainment noted that the title would be perfect for both die-hard and new fans. If your’e into challenging RPGs then Dark Souls: Remastered should be right up your street.

The new release of Dark Souls features dark fantasy universe into which players on PS4 Pro will now be able to experience in high definition. As a remaster, there are obviously a number of new enhancements and upgrades that have been added to the game. Dark Souls: Remastered will boast not only improved graphics on PS4 Pro, but an enhanced multiplayer mode too. The game will reportedly run at 60fps on the newer PS4 model.

In previous installments, only between 1 and 4 players could take part. Now up to 6 players gather to either help each other out, or stab each other in the back! Which side you end up on is completely up to you. Finally as one of the most challenging and critically acclaimed RPG series, Dark Souls: Remastered will not be easy to conquer.

From trying to survive in a universe stricken by the Curse to battling fearsome demons,  you’ll need to earn your stripes. However, the more you play, the more your skills will improve. And consequently, you’ll be able to experience the satisfaction of overcoming your foes, some day.

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