The release of Destiny 2 on PS4 is just around the corner on September 6. Because of that some of you may be looking to prepare for the online only FPS games’ arrival with some cool customisation of your devices. Check out the Destiny 2 Wallpaper below to help you customise both your laptop/desktop and mobiles. Not only do we have some amazing wallpapers, there’s also a few 4K Destiny 2 Wallpapers too, courtesy of Bungie.

Some of the following images were released by the developer to celebrate ‘Bungie Day.’ And needless to say whichever wallpaper you choose will look amazing on your favourite device.

To download the Destiny 2 wallpaper of your choice, first click on an image to its full size before downloading. Please note that the wallpapers have been compressed and can be resized to a bigger size. Alternatively, you can download the following wallpapers and more in their original size from Bungie’s website. Enjoy!

Destiny 2 Wallpaper

Destiny 2 4K Wallpaper
Destiny 2 4K Wallpaper -Desktop
Destiny 2 4K Desktop Wallpaper
4K Wallpaper
Desktop 4K Wallpaper – Sweeper

Destiny 2 is in development by Bungie and due for release a 6 September 2017 on PS4. The upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter game is an online-only title available through the console. Furthermore, Sony recently announced a range of Destiny 2 PS4 bundles for fans to choose from.

For those looking to customise their mobile device screens the following mobile wallpapers are also available:

Destiny 2 Wallpaper – Mobile Devices

Destiny 2 mobile Wallpaper - troopers
Destiny 2 mobile Wallpaper – troopers
4K mobile Wallpaper – Sweeper

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