Sony Entertainment has released a new Gran Turismo Sport PS VR bundle to mark the games’ release. The racing video game launched recently on PS4 to much fanfare and praise. At the same time, Sony’s PS VR system is celebrating its first anniversary since its release. So a tie-up seemed inevitable. Especially due to the expectations surrounding GT Sport and the investment Polyphony and Sony have put into the project.

Gran Turismo Sport PS VR Bundle Now Out

The new Gran Turismo Sport PS VR bundle is already out and available from selected retailers. The racing sim bundle includes a PS VR headset, PlayStation Camera, and a physical copy of the game. In addition, you’ll also get a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds bundled together with the above. With every single Gran Turismo Sport racing track playable in virtual reality, this bundle is a great way get into gaming on PSVR.

At the time of writing there was no mention of pricing yet. However the GT Sport bundle is mentioned alongside other ‘high value’ PS VR bundles. Currently those retail at between €399.99 and €449.99. Consequently, the GT Sport bundle does not include move controllers so may come in at the lower price. We’ll be sure to update you on that as soon as we find out. In the meantime check out the picture of the Gran Turismo Sport PS VR bundle below:

Gran Turismo Sport PS VR Bundle

Gran Turismo Sport PS VR bundle

Given that the PSVR system was beginning to look like the forgotten child of the PlayStation family, Sony’s recent announcements make for positive reading. The Gran Turismo Sport PS VR bundle is the second bundle announced this year. A new PS VR bundle was also released on September 1. As the virtual reality gaming headset reached a year old, Sony also revealed over 100 released and upcoming PS VR games.

In addition, some of those dates include several new games already confirmed for PS VR in 2018. That shows that the company is still behind the market leading VR gaming headset. And a vote for PSVR is also a vote for the PS4 console. It means Sony remains fully committed to both systems for the foreseeable future.

Long may that continue.