The PlayStation 4 console is more than just a games console, it is a powerful media player. As such, PS4 owners tend to use their console for much more than gaming. From Streaming music to watching your favourite flicks, or browsing the web. All that’s possible with the PS4. And if your’e looking to expand your entertainment by installing Kodi on PS4, then read on to find out more.

Check out the steps below to find out how to install a service like Kodi on PS4.

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What is Kodi, and What Does it Do?

Kodi is a digital entertainment platform that provides a user-friendly way to enjoy your favourite content. The media hub is entirely free to use and is supported on a number of devices, including Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. This makes us wonder why no one has created Kodi PS4 as of yet. An open source project, the software is developed and maintained by its dedicated community of volunteers.

Kodi itself does not carry any content. Users give the app access to their media content from remote and local storage locations. That includes games, DVD, Blu-Ray, and other formats.

However, using Kodi lets you do everything from playing games to viewing pictures, video and a range of other media files. Kodi is also available in over 65 languages for wider accessibility.

Installing Kodi On PS4 – Is it Possible?

Existing Kodi users on PS4 will be hoping that the entertainment hub is now available on PS4 too. Its many benefits makes installing Kodi on PS4 a no-brainer. The application would be particularly amazing with the more powerful PS4 Pro.

To date, hundreds of programmers have already worked on bringing Kodi to an array of devices. And now attention turns to PlayStation consoles, the PS3 and PS4 in particular.

Kodi on PS4 2017

Unfortunately, the Kodi app is still not currently available on PS4. However, a similar one called Plex can be used instead. This is due to the fact that the PS4’s software does not support Kodi PS4 installation as of yet. So Kodi on PS4 2017 installation is currently unavailable. At the same time, Plex on PS4 offers pretty much the same service, with a few minor differences.

Kodi On PS4 - Plex is a great alternative
Kodi On PS4 is not yet available – Plex is a great alternative

Kodi PS4 Alternative – Get Plex on PS4

Without further ado, here’s how to install Plex in place of Kodi on your PS4:

  • Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your PS4 console
  • On the menu, select ‘Apps’
  • Enter your search terms or navigate to the ‘Popular’ section and scroll down until you find the Plex app.
  • When you have located the Plex app, Click Download
  • Launch the app by clicking ‘Start’ when installation is complete
  • Sign-in using your PlayStation user credentials to create a new user account
  • When prompted, follow the link that takes you to the account verification page.
  • Enter the code as seen on the screen
  • Once the Plex on PS4 app is Linked you should receive a confirmation message on-screen.
  • To access your content on mobile, sign-in on your Android device using the same details and select ‘Trial Mode’
  • Finally, navigate to settings and click on settings. Enable the following: Advertise as a serverShow camera roll media, and Network discovery

This should get you up and running with Plex on your PlayStation 4 console as an alternative to Kodi on PS4.

Unfortunately for all you Kodi fans out there installing it on PS4 is not yet possible. But if you’re looking for a viable alternative for use on your console, then Plex is a good bet. Alternatively, if you have found a way to install Kodi on PS4 then Do let us know in the comments section below.