Capcom today confirmed that its action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World is coming to PlayStation 4 in January 2018. The upcoming RPG was announced at the Tokyo Game Show and will be the fifth installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. In addition, Capcom has also revealed a brand new trailer for the game. Monster Hunter: World launches on PS4 on January 26, 2018.

Monster Hunter: World Out on PS4 January 2018

Featuring a rich and intricate ecosystem, Monster Hunter: World is set to be one of the most anticipated RPG’s on PS4. In addition to announcing the global release date on PS4, Capcom also released the games latest trailer. Check it out below:

The new trailer gives player a closer look at the upcoming action role-playing title and its story. Additionally, the new video also introduces the games’ new base of operations; Astera. As a result, Astera will become the heart of the Research Commission and the place to get all the supplies you’ll require.

On Astera, hunters will be able to get access to Blacksmiths, for forging weapons, as well as Guild representatives. Astera will also have Shopkeepers who can supply you with items such as ammunition, traps, and healing potions. Most importantly, though, Astera will also be home to the Cantina, where hunters can nourish themselves before going out on their quests.

Another important resource will be the research team. Its role will be important for the success of each quest. The mystery of what the big quest is in Monster Hunter: World will be is something that Capcom has only teased gamers on so far. The same goes for the identity of the monster players will be tracking. Stay tuned to PS4 Mag for new details as and when they are confirmed.

Monster Hunter: World Pre-Orders Now Open

Monster Hunter: World PS4Lastly, Capcom also revealed that Monster Hunter: World is available to Pre-Order right away. Pre-Orders will include bonus items for both standard versions of the game as well as the digital and physical collector’s editions.

Bonuses for those who Pre-order now will include an Origin Set Armor and a Fair Wind Charm. The talisman offers additional skills in defense, offence, and gathering abilities. In addition, players who order the game through PlayStation Network will also receive a custom theme for PS4.

– Check out the Monster Hunter: World PS4 Tokyo Game Show Trailer above for further details.

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