For PS4 owners in the know, the PlayStation camera is a versatile and useful bit of kit. The accessory, also known as a PS4 camera, enhances the PS4 console experience. The camera is also the gateway to Sony’s PS VR system, its virtual reality gaming platform. With that in mind you may be wondering which games you can play with the PS4 camera. If so, check out our PS4 Camera Games list below:

PS4 Camera Games List

The PlayStation camera features facial recognition and video broadcasting. So owners can log in hands-free using facial rec. Video broadcasting allows for live-streaming your gameplay to viewers around the world. Other notable highlights of the PS4 camera include voice commands and improved in-game tracking.

As mentioned above, the PlayStation camera helps PS VR deliver virtual worlds in greater depth. This is just one of the many PS4 camera uses. The camera features 3D depth-sensing technology and dual lenses that track your movements accurately. Consequently, at around £40 the PS4 camera price also makes it a great investment for PS4 owners.

There are a number of PS4 camera games available that are compatible with the device. The PS4 camera games list below highlight its some of the best experiences available on the accessory. In addition, we have tried to list as many compatible titles in the PS4 Camera Games list below.

PS4 Camera Games: The Playroom

The playroom is the headline act on any PS4 Camera Games list. The party themed title brings a whole host of demos and games. These mini games are great for easing you into getting to grips with the PlayStation camera.

The Playroom is free of charge and is a great title for the PS4 camera. In fact, most PlayStation 4 consoles or PS VR kits come pre-loaded with the Playroom. You can make new friends and interact with different characters in AR augmented worlds.

Other mini games that come with The Playroom include the following:

  • Toy Maker:  A game that looks to unleash your creativity through drawing.
  • AR Hockey: An amazing game of Holographic Air Hockey!
  • My Alien Buddy: An intergalactic adventure with your slimy Alien friend
  • Ninja Bots: A Ninja training mode against virtual bots
  • Meet ASOBI: The Playroom’s mascot is a robot called ASOBI.
  • AR Bots: More Bots, this time they live within your DUALSHOCK controller. Swipe, kick and wave to interact with them.
  • AR Studio

2. Rabbids Invasion

PS4 Camera Games list -Rabbids-Invasion

Rabbids is a fun title for younger players and the young at heart. Through augmented reality and the PS4 camera, the Rabbids can ‘invade’ your home. You can then interact with them by taking selfies, and in Match the pose or “Rabbids Dance” games. The Rabbids invasion PS4 game features similar gameplay but in greater depth.

3. Tearaway Unfolded

Coming from the talented studio Media Molecule makers of runaway success PS3 title Tearaway, is Tearaway Unfolded.The superior graphics and capabilities of the PS4 and Dualshock 4 controller allows players o experience the game in greater depth. In the game, the next scene is slowly revealed as each frame is torn away. Using the PS4 camera, you’ll be able to unleash great gusts of wind for example. In addition, you can throw items and creatures from the TV into your controller.

4. Surgeon Simulator

As the name states, Surgeon Simulator gives all the tools you need to become a virtual surgeon. Tasks include performing surgery on patients with their fate in your hands. This is one of the more interesting titles on this PS4 camera games list, depending on your interests.

5. Just Dance 2017

PS4 Camera Games - Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017 was released on 25 October 2016 and is perfect for use with the PlayStation camera. The game features over 200 accessible songs and uses the PS4 camera for tracking your dance movements. If anything, the advantage of playing Just Dance 217 with your PlayStation camera is that you’ll be forced to get up and move to get that high score.

6. Alien Isolation

PS4 Camera uses
Movements and sounds in real life can be picked up by the PlayStation camera and affect your in-game experiences.

Developed by Creative Assembly and inspired by the Alien series of films, Alien Isolation is therefore a survival horror game. The PS4 camera uses with this game highlight the potential for both future PS4 and PS VR games. With the camera tracking your movements, main protagonist Ripley will mimic your movements, for example.

The camera also listens out for sounds through its mics. This means any sound you make can be picked up and affect your gameplay!

The PS4 camera games 2017 list above justifies the value of adding a PlayStation camera to your inventory. With free games and content bundled together with the device, the PS4 camera price is a definite bargain. Sony should be applauded again for its generous price points and hopefully more PS4 camera uses and games will be made available.


ps vr gaming
PS VR Gaming: picture credit: DigitalSpy

PlayStation Camera and PS VR

The PlayStation camera has really come into its own since the release of PlayStation VR. The PS VR integration is by far the best PS4 camera uses available, and many games are already making the most of the devices. The camera is required for tracking your head and body movements and as such the list of PS4 Camera Games has grown.

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