We’re now getting to the business end of the year now and developers and publishers are doubling down on promoting their titles during this holiday season. Admittedly, the emphasis may be on promoting recently released and established games. However, there’s also lots of excitement about whats to come. As such the recent Video Game Awards and PSX proved to be a source of new PS VR titles, trailers and updates on upcoming games.

The same goes for PlayStation VR games. If the number of confirmed PS VR games is anything to go by, the system is set for an exciting 2018. Consequently the result has been a flood of updates on new PS VR games or PS4 games being given PS VR support. Check out the highlights below:

 Upcoming PS VR Games Announced for 2018

WipEout Omega Collection (Early 2018)

The futuristic racing video game is getting an update in early 2018 that will allow for the whole game to be played in PS VR. Yes you read that right. You’ll be able to race every single WipEout Omega Collection track and mode in PS VR! In addition, the game will feature full 3D Audio, cockpit head tracking,  and crisp native 4K targeting a not to shabby 60FPS.

Firewall Zero Hour (TBC 2018)

Firewall Zero Hour is a team-based, tactical multiplayer FPS coming to PlayStation VR next year. Developers First Contact Entertainment have also confirmed the title as a PS VR exclusive. In the game, two teams of mercenaries are hired by anonymous contract handlers. Your task will be to either protect or obtain highly sensitive information.

The info is on a laptop and you’ll need to defend it with your life. Most of all, your work will take you to dangerous and exotic locations around the globe. 

As a result, you can either play as attackers, or defenders, and only the teams that work well together will make it. Find out more about Firewall Zero Hour from Adam OrthCreative Strategist at First Contact Entertainment.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (Early 2018)

The video game based on the American adult animated science-fiction sitcom has been confirmed for PS VR. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality will be coming to the virtual realty gaming system ‘early 2018’. Another thing is Players will get to live life as one of Morty’s clones. Consequently, that means you will have to deal with all the drama his experiments bring.

More details on the upcoming science-fiction PS VR game can be found here. In the meantime, check out the Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality PSX 2017 PS VR announce trailer below:

Other new PS VR announced for the virtual reality platform include underwater adventure game Jupiter & Mars and co-op survival horror FPS Killing Floor: Incursion. Check out the their trailers below:

Jupiter & Mars

Killing Floor: Incursion

First of all, that lot adds to the growing list of upcoming PS VR games in 2018. Furthermore, there were also updates for PS VR games that have already been announced for release in 208 such as Shooty Fruity, and Knockout League.

Finally, Golem now has a confirmed title in Golem: The Power of Your Dreams. Highwire Games also confirmed a release date of March 23.

Which of these upcoming PS VR games are you most looking forward to? Have we left your favourite title out? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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