Veteran games developer Lucid Games is back with a brand new title for PS4. Switchblade is a vehicular combat multiplayer game that features intense 5v5 high-octane action. With loads of detailed and in-depth gameplay the upcoming game could soon become a fan favourite on PlayStation 4. With that in mind, Lucid games is inviting PS4 gamers to sign up for a Switchblade PS4 Beta test.  Switchblade will be a free to play digital title for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Switchblade PS4 Beta Registration Now Open


Lucid Games has a long list of successful games to its name. Acclaimed titles include the Geometry Wars franchise, the Project Gotham Racing series, and Blur. Now the biggest developer to come out of the closure of Bizarre Creations is back with a new game for PS4. Switchblade is based on a future vehicular sport that includes multiplayer based combat and fast paced action.

Players start the game with a choice of two cars which can also be switched mid-battle. The ability to change cars means you can use them as part of a strategy. A speedy fighter will be perfect in a chase. On the other hand, heavier and armed vehicles come in handy during combat.

Ultimately, in Switchblade, the main objective is for your team to destroy your opponents.

With the game nearing release, Lucid is giving players the chance to try it out through the Switchblade PS4 Beta. To enter for a chance to take part in the beta test simply follow the link and sign up on this page.

Lucid Back in the Game?

Lucid seems to be pretty excited about their latest title, Switchblade being a labour of love for the team. Switchblade was the developers’ way of disrupting vehicle action games as we know them. Ultimately, that’s a bold claim to make, but at least PS4 gamers will be able to get a chance to sample what’s to come.

The company’s passion has shown through the game being offered as a free to play title. This will mean many players on PlayStation will get the opportunity to try Switchblade if they want to.

Additionally, Switchblade has been built as an e-sports title form the ground-up. This makes sense as the game looks set to be popular online multiplayer title. As if that were not enough, Lucid confirmed that the game would not contain any pay to win options.

Instead, Lucid gamely states that “Skill is the only currency” needed to succeed.

Interested in trying out Switchblade on PS4? Why not sign up through the link above, good luck! 

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