The Last Guardian and PlayStation VR fans rejoice.! – The critically acclaimed action adventure title from Team Ico is coming to PS VR! Revealed at PSX 2017, The Last Guardian VR Demo will be a standalone short experience. The demo is out on PlayStation VR on the 12th of December. Unfortunately that means it wont be the full game coming over. Still, the last The Last Guardian VR Demo will be an exciting addition to the growing list of PS VR Demos.

The Last Guardian VR Demo – Out 12/12

The Last Guardian PS4

The Last Guardian is one of the biggest titles on PS4 so fans of the game will be excited for the upcoming VR Demo. If the experience goes down well perhaps Sony may end up releasing a full PS VR game. However, the company pointedly noted that no bigger versions of The Last Guardian on VR are planned at the moment.

As a result, The Last Guardian VR Demo will be an entirely stand-alone and brief experience only. In addition, as it is a demo, the new The Last Guardian VR experience will be available for free on the PlayStation Store. What’s more, you don’t need to own a copy of  The Last Guardian on PS4 in order to play the VR Demo. The Last Guardian VR Demo will also work with your Dualshock 4 controller.

The Last Guardian review

You will need a PS VR headset as well as a PlayStation camera in order to play The Last Guardian VR Demo.

In the full version of the game, players take on the role of a boy who befriends a giant creature called Trico. Trico is half-bird, half-mammal and from then on their fates are inextricably linked. The story is played out among the haunted ruins that make up the game’s expansive and breathtaking world. The Last Guardian VR Demo will be a shorter version in which player control the boy and his interactions with Trico.

Out on PS VR on 12 December 2017, this one will be eagerly anticipated by fans everywhere. Will you be stepping into the magical world of The Last Guardian in VR?

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